A Monumental Pose - A Poem Inspired by a Flock of Bronze Herons / by Linda Eve Diamond

The Gargiulo Art Foundation and Flagler County Art League feature an annual Art in Public Places show to highlight the thriving local arts community and invite visual arts and poems inspired by arts displayed throughout the area. I was especially taken with a flock of bronze herons and was honored to receive the Art in Public Places 2nd Place Poetry Prize for my poem, A Monumental Pose.

A brief introduction to the poem: This poem is a response to the series of great blue heron sculptures in flight at Waterfront Park by Anthony Gargiulo. Some of these bronze birds represent memorials for veterans who lost their lives and others memorialize area residents who were influential in cultivating the Palm Coast arts community. The herons are “in flight” on stainless steel pedestals. A group of herons is often known as a pose, a scattering or a siege.

Judge's Comments: "I awarded a Second Place to Linda Eve Diamond for A Monumental Pose.  In its mere four lines, it struck me as virtually perfect in its use of strong imagery, effective word sound and good rhythm.  In general (with the exception of some poetic forms like narrative poems or ballads), poetry aims to convey the most with the least.  This poem is a perfect example.  It doesn't need one more line; it's complete in its four lines." - Robert E. Blenheim, Founder and President of The Live Poets Society of Daytona Beach

Here are some photos I took of these beautiful bronze herons in flight on the their "steel breeze" pedestals....

Jeff and I enjoyed the process of exploring local artworks and taking part in another fun Flagler County Art League Event. Jeff took some photos of the event and poetry readings. Click here for event photos!  :)