"Striking Sunset" Photograph and Poem / by Linda Eve Diamond

Earlier this month, I shared some poems from an ekphrastic poetry project and presentation. Here's another beautiful image by a Flagler Beach Photography Club member, this one by Lisa Danziger Fisher, that was especially striking and fun! I love this sweetly serene sunset scene and the red-tipped oar that leans on the side of the little green boat. It strikes me that it looks a bit like a big matchstick, which ignited the poem, "Striking Sunset"...    

Photograph by Lisa Danziger Fisher

Photograph by Lisa Danziger Fisher


By Linda Eve Diamond

Few people know the true sunset trick,
how oranges and reds burn such a blaze

that blues and greens fall away
like scattered ash.

On this green boat seems to be an oar
or not to be…

You see, in this secret inlet floats
the magic matchstick boat

guided by an unseen hand each night
that lifts the long match and strikes

sparks against the great blue sky
igniting the warm colors of fire.

(The ghost of fallen colors can be seen
on a clear night, in a quick flash of green.)

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your wonderful photography!! (Lisa is also a talented designer. Follow her on Facebook at Lisa Fisher Designs.)

This project began with a poem entry at the Flagler County Art League's Glorious Creatures show. (The clip below is reprinted from the Flagler County Art League newsletter).

Other poems from this project include "The Bow Frog" and "Last Days."

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