International Women's Day & "Fear of Being" Poem at YDP / by Linda Eve Diamond

Happy International Women's Day!

I'm honored to have one of my poems from The Human Experience featured on this special day by Your Daily Poem (YDP), a Website that features daily poems and sends subscribers links each morning with special introductions by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer.

Here's Jayne's introduction to the poem, "Fear of Being": 

"Today is International Women's Day and I specifically chose Linda's poem because I want to remind every woman—and every man, for that matter—that your presence on this planet makes a difference. To be sure, some of us make a bigger difference than others, but you don't have to be a hero, a healer, a celebrity, a senator, or an activist to "make a footprint." You have no idea whose life you might impact, what path you may alter, what aspirations or achievements you might inspire. You? Yes, you.

I hope you'll tuck Linda's last verse in your heart and whisper it aloud any time you have doubts about your purpose or value. I promise: you are here for a reason."

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

Read Fear of Being at Your Daily Poem.
"She was bold once.
Maybe twice."...

Jayne created YDP to "help dispel the ugly myth that poetry is boring." From the Website: "At Your Daily Poem, you'll find poetry that is touching, funny, provocative, inspiring, and surprising. It may punch you in the gut, it may bring tears to your eyes, it may make you laugh out loud, but it most assuredly will not bore you." YDP has also featured After Christmas & Wrds from The Beauty of Listening:.