Join the National Day of Unplugging! / by Linda Eve Diamond

The National Day of Unplugging invites us all to unplug for 24 hours, March 4-5, 2016, from sundown to sundown. This event takes place annually on the first Friday of March, which seems like ideal timing as March is also Listening Awareness Month! (While technology helps connect us with those who are far away, very often it can interfere with focusing on those in the room—or even our own quiet thoughts).

Because this is difficult for many who will genuinely need to check in or who suffer from nomophobia (yes, there's an actual name for the anxiety people may feel when unable to check in on smart phones regularly), the National Day of Unplugging pledge adds: "I understand that the important first step is to unplug for as long as I can, even if it is not the full day." The Website also offers downloadable signs so that you can share what you'll do with your unplugged time by sharing (before or after unplugging, of course)!

Learn more about The National Day of Unplugging at and find the unplug sign (available in multiple languages) here.

Listening Awareness Month was started by the International Listening Association ( Learn more about listening awareness at www.ListenersUnite and find Listening Awareness Month downloads here.

Here are a few signs Jeff and I (and Little Bear) have shared...


What will you unplug to do?    :)