"The Bow Frog" & "Which Way to Carnegie Hall?" / by Linda Eve Diamond

"Oh! Those Glorious Creatures" is an animal-themed art and poetry exhibit currently on display at Flagler County Art League in Palm Coast, Florida. For the poetry portion, the Art League invited poems inspired by the show's paintings, photography, sculptures, stained glass, and mixed media artworks. Visual arts awards were chosen by judges prior to the opening, and the poetry award was determined by a vote of attendees at the opening reception. I was honored to have my poem, "The Bow Frog," receive the People's Choice Poetry Award. The poem is based on a photograph by David Bowers: "Which Way to Carnegie Hall?"—both shared below.

"Which Way to Carnegie Hall?" By David Bowers

"Which Way to Carnegie Hall?" By David Bowers

The Bow Frog

By Linda Eve Diamond

Music, itself, wears a mask and plays
at the Venetian carnival masquerade.

Sounds of pleasure, song and soul
enchant old violins, body and bow.

Leading to the great crescendo…

The ebony bow frog breathes and turns green,
perched on his bow log, he starts to dream.

Then he hops a quick staccato jig on the strings,
makes up his own little ribbity ditty and sings.

Inspiring life with its charms and masquerades,
music delights to see the bow frog dance away.

The photograph was such an intriguing subject, a poem in itself, with so many magical possibilities. I found it especially fun to see a real frog sitting on the bow, as part of the bow is actually called a frog. It seemed the mystical setting, somewhere between the music and the mask, might actually bring the little "bow frog" to life!   (Why is that part of a bow called a frog? Click here to read about bow frogs.)

The "Glorious Creatures" Exhibit will be on display through April 5, 2016. The iphone image above of "Which Way to Carnegie Hall" gives a sense, but hardly does it justice. If you're in the Palm Coast area, visit Flagler County Art League to see it in person, along with the full "Oh! Those Glorious Creatures" show. David Bowers, President of The Photography Club of Flagler County (PCFC), also won Best of Show for his photograph, "I've had Enough." Find the winning arts here and read more about this show in this article by Rick De Yampert. (I learned about this poetry challenge through Florida State Poets Association (FSPA).  :)

Many thanks to Flagler County Art League for a fun opportunity & David Bowers for his inspiring work!