Congratulations to the Winners of the Listening-Themed Poetry Contest! / by Linda Eve Diamond

Florida State Poets Association (FSPA) offers annual contests and the opportunity for members to choose themes and sponsor them. I chose theme: LISTENING.

Here are the winners, selected by contest judge, Nancy Breen:

1st Place: "Chopin Op. 9 No 3 in B Major"
by Crystie Cook (Utah)

2nd Place: "Truly Hearing and Being Heard"
by Jeani M. Piclesimer (Kentucky)

3rd Place: "Bird Watching"
by Kiabab Plateau (Utah)

1st Honorable Mention: "Blood Memory"
by NL Cook (Minnesota)

2nd HM "Who Says Redemption is Too Far Away?" by Robert E. Blenheim (Florida)

3rd HM "Night Echoes" by B.J. Alligood (Florida)

I enjoyed seeing two people I know selected by the judges, as I know and admire them both as poets and as listeners. Robert E. Blenheim runs the Live Poets Society, which meets monthly at the Daytona Beach Library. As a facilitator, he listens deeply to provide extremely thoughtful and insightful feedback. BJ Alligood is a member of Tomoka Poets and host of one of our favorite long-running poetry events (which is currently seeking a new venue).

I'll be hosting the same category in 2017 and will post a new call for submissions, but the basic guidelines will remain the same. (You can find the original call for submissions here.)

FSPA Anthology

The first place poem was published in the FSPA's 2016 Anthology. This collection includes all First-Place Contest poems as well as contributions from FSPA members.

(My anthology contribution was "A Novel in Verse," from "The Beauty of Listening.")

The cover photo, which beautifully captures the issue's photographic theme of Florida Heritage, is by Stephanie Salkin. She took the anthology's cover photo in St. Augustine, Florida. 

"Reflections" Photograph (Image links to photo post.)

"Reflections" Photograph (Image links to photo post.)

My photo, "Reflections," was one of several selected for the back cover. This was also in St. Augustine, which is the country's oldest city. My "Reflections" photo is also on my "Your Shot" Photography Page.


Additional Contest Results

Click here to find the full list of winners in FSPA's 2016 Contests. (See links at the Website for student contests, membership info and more!)


Two of My Poems Selected  

Thank you FSPA & League of Minnesota Posts!

Of course, I did not enter the "Listening" category, but I did enter the FSPA's "Jane Opel Memorial Award" and received a Certificate of Merit for my poem, "Reflections." (No relation to the photograph.)   ;)

I also entered a poem into the League of Minnesota Poets' "Grand View Award" and was honored to receive an Award of Merit for "The Elephant in These Poems." (That poem is unpublished at this point, but here's an elephant.)   :)