Happy New Year! / by Linda Eve Diamond

Big changes are flying in on THE PIG'S WINGS this year! This blog "took flight" around this time last year, in February 2015. (Has it been almost a year already?!) It's been so much fun sharing "Poetry and Other Fanciful Means of Flight" that I'll be making some changes to allow more time for poetry and Pig's Wings posts!

Now it feels like it's time to say goodbye to the Listeners Unite Blog (est. 2006) and The Beauty of Picture Books Blog (est. 2010). At the same time, the Listeners Unite Website and The Beauty of Picture Books Website will remain online, with gratitude to all who have shared poems, articles and illustrations over the years.

Here are the final posts: "See You at The Pig's Wings" on the Listeners Unite Blog and "Thank You, Friends! With Love from Little Bear & Linda Eve" at The Beauty of Picture Books Blog (by my Beauty of Picture Books partner, Little Bear).

In other news: My newsletter will no longer be "Updates from Linda Eve Diamond & Listeners Unite" (as there won't be many new announcements from Listeners Unite and the heart of the blog is here now). The newsletter will have a new title, too: "On Poetry and Other Fanciful Means of Flight"! (Subscribers: This is not a new newsletter, just a redesign and update!)

I hope my listening and picture book friends will continue to enjoy all that's been collected on those two Websites and also join me here and keep in touch. Listening is still at the core of this blog (and of poetry, too). While picture books are not a focus here, friends of Little Bear will still see him pop in from time to time (and, of course, he'll still keep in touch on Twiiter). 

So, here's to endings, beginnings and wide open spaces for poetry, flying pigs and countless possibilities.

Wishing you a joyful new year filled with flights of delight!

Linda Eve