Photos from Jack London State Historic Park / by Linda Eve Diamond

Back in October, I shared some sightseeing photos from California. The only writing I did on the trip was with my camera, which I've decided to call "light writing" (after all, it's a way of writing with light).  We also visited Jack London State Historic Park. As today is Jack London's birthday, it seems like a perfect time to share.

This mini-photo tour starts with Jack London's office. Next you'll see small bedroom area he set up beside the office to accommodate late-night and early-morning writing hours. In that little bedroom, you'll see a clothesline of writings and letters, reflections of the garden outside, and a bit of the view. The last image in this series is grave site, a spot overlooking "The Valley of the Moon," marked with a volcanic rock, under which his and his wife's ashes are buried together.

In "The House of Happy Walls Museum," a central piece is his wife's 1901 Steinway, which is still played today for special concerts at the museum. We were lucky enough to be there on the day of a Wine County Ragtime Festival concert and some fabulous musicians who made the Happy Walls sing... 

To enjoy the music of some of the musicians featured, read about the incredibly inspiring Jim Radloff here (and scroll down for video) and watch ragtime virtuoso, Brooks Christensen, playing "Rosebud Rag" here

Here's one last view of Jack London's beloved Beauty Ranch...

This year is a special time of centennial celebrations, as Jack London passed away 100 years ago, in 1916. Read about planned events and celebrations here and also find information about a special birthday celebration today at the Jack London Saloon here.