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Hello friends!

I'm closing up this blog and moving many of the poems shared here over to my main Website,

If the links on the poetry page aren't all live yet, please check back soon.

Additional content will find its way to the website, too, at some point.  :)

Thanks to all for joining in here. I've appreciated the comments (online and off) and shares.

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Posts will be coming down slowly here. Most of the poems are moved to   :)

The Butterfly Tree and Two New Poems by Linda Eve Diamond

I wrote earlier about the mysterious book sculptor of Edinburgh, Scotland, who has been anonymously gifting extraordinary book sculptures "in support of libraries, books, words and ideas" since 2011. Last spring, she announced that she would be creating her final sculpture and invited submissions of paper butterflies to be included.

Find links, video and two new poems "in support of libraries, books, words and ideas"...

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A Monumental Pose - A Poem Inspired by a Flock of Bronze Herons by Linda Eve Diamond

The Gargiulo Art Foundation and Flagler County Art League feature an annual Art in Public Places show to highlight the thriving local arts community and invite visual arts and poems inspired by arts displayed throughout the area. I was especially taken with a flock of bronze herons and was honored to receive the Art in Public Places 2nd Place Poetry Prize for my poem, A Monumental Pose.

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"Striking Sunset" Photograph and Poem by Linda Eve Diamond

Earlier this month, I shared some poems from an ekphrastic poetry project and presentation. Here's another beautiful image by a Flagler Beach Photography Club member, this one by Lisa Danziger Fisher, that was especially striking and fun! I love this sweetly serene sunset scene and the red-tipped oar that leans on the side of the little green boat. It strikes me that it looks a bit like a big matchstick, which ignited the poem, "Striking Sunset"...    

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Photos from Jack London State Historic Park by Linda Eve Diamond

Back in October, I shared some sightseeing photos from California. The only writing I did on the trip was with my camera, which I've decided to call "light writing" (after all, it's a way of writing with light).  We also visited Jack London State Historic Park. As today is Jack London's birthday, it seems like a perfect time to share.

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Novel Poems by Linda Eve Diamond

In honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), here are three poems from The Beauty of Listening on the theme of novel writing: The Novel, Novel Ideas (a sequel to The Novel), and A Novel in Verse.  The last poem rounds out with some poetic video fun from 1901.

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Light Writing: A California Mini Photo Tour by Linda Eve Diamond

Jeff and I spent time sightseeing in California this month. I was so busy taking pictures that I haven't done much writing. Then again, as photographs write with light, maybe it's more accurate to say I've been doing some light writing. (Light poems?)  ;)  I'd like to share them here and invite you to join us on a mini photo tour of some of our favorite spots...

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