Holiday Greetings, Photos and Poetry! by Linda Eve Diamond

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza (and Happy Festivus, too)!

The photo below is of our menorah and holiday tree, from the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve. (Find more holiday photos on the blog here and on my photo page here.) 

HOLIDAY POEM: Click here for my holiday poem, "After Christmas" (a fun little post-script to "The 12 Days of Christmas" poem)!  :)

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Reflections by Linda Eve Diamond

In the following poem, "Reflections," the second half of the poem is an exact reflection the of the first, word for word, line by line, changing meaning a bit as it reflects. When I wrote this, the diamond shape was incidental, but a clever friend assumed that I was playing on my name and pointed out that it's a concrete poem of a Diamond reflecting. What started out as a little bit of a game became more meaningful after that was pointed out to me, making me wonder whether I may have been aware of that on some level. Reflections deepen in such interesting ways when shared with clever friends.  :)

("Reflections" received 1st Honorable Mention and a Certificate of Merit in the Florida State Poet's Association's "Jane Opel Memorial Award" category.)

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Autumn Splash - A Flash of Color Splash Photos by Linda Eve Diamond

This is one of four photos that I entered in a "Color Splash" art show at the Flagler County Art League, which includes paintings, mixed media collages, paper mache, stained glass and photographs. This was my first time entering photographs into an art show and seeing them hung in a gallery, so it was fun to see them on display among the array of colorful artworks. I was also surprised and delighted to find that my "Autumn Splash" received an Award of Distinction.

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The Butterfly Tree and Two New Poems by Linda Eve Diamond

I wrote earlier about the mysterious book sculptor of Edinburgh, Scotland, who has been anonymously gifting extraordinary book sculptures "in support of libraries, books, words and ideas" since 2011. Last spring, she announced that she would be creating her final sculpture and invited submissions of paper butterflies to be included.

Find links, video and two new poems "in support of libraries, books, words and ideas"...

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A Monumental Pose - A Poem Inspired by a Flock of Bronze Herons by Linda Eve Diamond

The Gargiulo Art Foundation and Flagler County Art League feature an annual Art in Public Places show to highlight the thriving local arts community and invite visual arts and poems inspired by arts displayed throughout the area. I was especially taken with a flock of bronze herons and was honored to receive the Art in Public Places 2nd Place Poetry Prize for my poem, A Monumental Pose.

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"Striking Sunset" Photograph and Poem by Linda Eve Diamond

Earlier this month, I shared some poems from an ekphrastic poetry project and presentation. Here's another beautiful image by a Flagler Beach Photography Club member, this one by Lisa Danziger Fisher, that was especially striking and fun! I love this sweetly serene sunset scene and the red-tipped oar that leans on the side of the little green boat. It strikes me that it looks a bit like a big matchstick, which ignited the poem, "Striking Sunset"...    

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"Last Days" Photograph and Poem by Linda Eve Diamond

I was recently invited to write ekphrastic poems for photographs by members of the Flagler Beach Photography Club. I was especially struck by this image by Mary Jean Campanelli. These two roses, so elegant and frail, photographed together in this late stage of their lives, seemed to be telling a tender love story. I tried to put some of that into words in a poem of the same title as the photograph, "Last Days."

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"Meditation" Poem & More... by Linda Eve Diamond

When I saw Spank the Carp journal's ekphrastic poetry contest, the subject drew me in right away with its rich, colorful texture and intriguing figure at the center. The artwork is by Elizabeth Darrow, who kindly gave permission for me to share it here with you. I was honored to have my poem, "Meditation" receive 2nd place...

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Following is a cento (also known as a patchwork or collage poem), a poem that stitches together lines from multiple poems by multiple poets. (The form takes its name from the Latin word for patchwork.) While the cento is usually a short form, "Sailing through the Poetverse" brings together and celebrates a diverse array of poets through time and place. Among the poets quoted are Rumi, Sappho, Shakespeare, Maurice Sendak, Pablo Neruda, Tom Waits, Jack Kerouac, Federico Garçia Lorca, Cornelius Eady, Wislawa Szymborska, Matt Rasmussen Dr. Seuss... 

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Let's Celebrate National Poetry Month! by Linda Eve Diamond

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of National Poetry Month! Find celebration ideas, special projects and events in this "30 Ways to Celebrate" post from the Academy of American Poets at This month on the blog: an ebook giveaway, new "found" poetry and more...

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"The Bow Frog" & "Which Way to Carnegie Hall?" by Linda Eve Diamond

"Oh! These Glorious Creatures" is an art and poetry show currently at the Flagler Art League in Palm Coast that runs through April 5, 2016.  I was honored to have my poem, "The Bow Frog," receive the People's Choice Poetry Award. The poem is based on a photograph by David Bowers: "Which Way to Carnegie Hall?"...

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Join the National Day of Unplugging! by Linda Eve Diamond

The National Day of Unplugging invites us all to unplug for 24 hours, March 4-5, 2016, from sundown to sundown. This event takes place annually on the first Friday of March, which seems like ideal timing as March is also Listening Awareness Month!

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"LOVE LETTERS" A Love Poem for Handwritten Letters by Linda Eve Diamond

A collection of love letters dating back more than 100 years inspired this poem, which celebrates the flair and artistry of old-fashioned handwriting and language. So here's an ode to handwritten letters and cursive writing, those "letters thoughtfully written / in beautifully tied ink ribbons"... 

(Did you know today is National Handwriting Day? Read more about this special day with a personal touch below the poem!)

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